The Ratflap® prevents rats from moving from the main sewer into the pipes servicing your property via our unique one way flap mechanism.

Installation Step 1

Fix loose end of the tether to inside of the inspection chamber, using hardware provided.

Installation Step 2

The ideal position for the RATFLAP® is in the final inspection chamber on your sewer line, a small amount of twisting motion may be required to seat the RATFLAP® into the pipe, tidy any excess cable in to a coil, deep chambers will require the purchase of our telescopic pole.

Not sure which size you need download the size checker here Dimensions_Guide

About The Product

The Ratflap® is a uniquely designed solution to rat problems in sewers. Scroll through the images to see how it works. When installed Ratflap® provides no disruption to the normal operation of the sewer. It is a “fit and forget” device keeping rats from invading your property. The clever design allows the device to move in one direction only while providing almost full volume of the pipe for waste flow.